Partner Visa

Partner visa options

The partner visa application options for Australia are:

If you have read through the partner visa options and have doubts or questions, please contact us for an initial consultation.  We often see ‘do it yourself’ cases that become complicated unnecessarily and some simple advice through consultation may have avoided delays and complications.


Due to the large volume of applications and some unscrupulous activities within the partner program, the immigration department review all partner applications in detail.  If you receive a ‘request for further information’ or ‘invitation to comment’ notice, engaging assistance from a Migration Agent with experience in partner applications can assist with addressing the request and getting the application back on track.

Not one relationship or set of circumstances are the same.  If you have any complications, issues or general concerns, we can help.  We have successfully handled applications with the following complications:

If you believe you qualify for one of the above visas and want some further information and assistance, please contact us via our online enquiry form.